“Lio Thai – For a sustainable agriculture”

The clean and green agricultural product is not only the demand for market but also the humanity when aiming at farmer and consumer’s health.

The farmer are the people who usually comes in contact with chemical fertilizer and water environment and pesticides from the field to thecanal which can cause the dangerous diseases. Therefore, changing farmer’s thinking in using the organic fertilizer is very essential and important. Lio Thai with features: “friendly with environment, safe for health” is accepted enthusiastically by farmers.

Using the organic fertilizer becomes the trend of modern agriculture. It is being selected by nations to alter chemical fertilizer due to safe forcommunity, sustainability and soil having more outstanding benefits:

  • Strengthen the protection of environment
  • Reduce the chemical toxicity in agricultural product because of overusing chemical fertilizer
  • Provide nutrient for plants and help them grow strongly. Increase the resistance, limit pests
  • Increase yield and agricultural product quality
  • Increase fertility, reduce erosion of soil
  • Alleviate environment pollution

Lio Thai  is the good food for plants and best nutrient for soil. It is proved that Lio Thai fertilizer helps to amend soil,  makes it mushy,  storenutrition for the next season, help plant grow well and can stand up to the pests. That is the core value of product.

“Lio Thai – Improve farmer’s life”

Lio Thai organic fertilizer not only helps farmer to have a bumper crop but also save cost of  using fertilizer, buying fertilizer, amending soil…

Greenfield company through agency usually organizes many seminars all over the South West – East and the Central to help farmer having deep knowledge of the organic fertilizer, care, prevention and cauterization for plant. Farmers will receive the basic knowledge about agricultural technique that helps them having the suitable and effective selection in using fertilizer. The company also helps farmer using Lio Thai fertilizer to get the best expected results. These steps include:

  • Encourage farmer using organic fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizer on the field, soil but still maintain enhancing yield.
  • Using organic fertilizer in the long term will gradually help soil become richer, increasing photpho and kali, amending, maintaining stability due to ability to provide continuously a range of different metabolism because various microorganisms produce.
  • Save manuring cost for users (the cost is lower than manuring by chemical fertilizer, farmers are easily accept)