Viet Nam is the country which has a long-standing agriculture and solid position in world agricultural export, for instance: the second largest exporter of rice, the third largest of rubber… However, Viet Nam is familiar with using chemical fertilizer which is not safe for consumer’s health as well as makes negative effects on ecosystem and environment. Coming with expectation to bring farmer a safe fertilizer and productivity increase, Greenfield organic fertilizer limited company was born in 2002.
2007, company initially operated with the total 155 employees. Main business included manufacturing and trading fertilizer.
16/04/2006, The Management of Binh Thuan industry area provided investment certification with the number 482023000020. The first Lio Thai fertilizer factory was built with 12789 m area.2
2008, after 1 year operating, the company quickly stated its position in the South East, the South West, the Central and establish distribution system all over provinces.
2010, Greenfield company opened the branch at HCMC and now it is being located at 17/15 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Ward 6 , Dist Binh Thanh.
At the present, company specializes in the production of organic fertilizer which is accordance with Thailand technology. It is branded with the name Lio Thai which is manufactured based on high tech combined NPK elements and microelements scientifically and creates a balance suitable growth ratio for plants. The origin in fertilizer stems from nature.

Even though the company has been started in 2007, Lio Thai brand has filtered into South East and the West and been accepted quickly. It is received the prize “Golden paddy”, “Friend of farmer”,”Integration Gold cup” thanks to the vote of farmer. The biggest achievement of Greenfield over the past 12 years of development and growth in Viet Nam is the trust of farmers, partners and agencies all the provinces over the country.

On behalf of Greenfield organic fertilizer company limited, we thank you so much for your long term, sustainable concern and support. Hopefully Greenfield will contribute a part of your success.